Janice Everett
Medium: Photography and Fiber

Studio Location:
280 Nevins Street
Studio # 3-3

Phone: 646-662-2938

Email: janicee280@gmail.com

Website:: www.janiceeverett.com

Artist Bio:
British born, Brooklyn based artist-designer; Janice arrived in New York City after earning her MA at Royal College of Art in London to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a textile artist. As part of the downtown Manhattan artist scene in the late 70's she lead a parallel existence taking photographs of the city and writing songs and poetry to keep her artist self alive.Moving to a loft in Brooklyn her textile work became more craft orientated by joining forces with another British artist to create a line of hand woven scarves and fabrics. Following this she produced several series of fiber art pieces shown in a variety of group shows.Resurrecting the earlier knowledge of photography and combining with the skills acquired using and teaching used in commercial textile design the work is now digitally based. Using original photographs of the urban landscape, nature and fabrics Everett transforms them into images and patterns with dimensional effects to reflect modern life.

Artist Statement:
I have always taken photographs of architecture, urban textures, plants, water patterns, and clouds as inspiration for compositions. The collected images inevitably fall into categories and stories that hark back to my first impressions of the city - the contrast between the shiny glamour of the tall buildings and the dirt and messiness of the street; how nature intervenes and softens the edges; the human hand element of graffiti and torn surfaces of posters.
In formal terms I like to play with positive/negative space and use collage and layering to engage the eye of the beholder. My new work is a more personal investigation of past and present using imagery from my background in England that question my existence here in America today.

All images and text copyright Janice Everett