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Ellen Chuse
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
280 Nevins Street
Studio # 2nd floor

Phone: 718.789.5808



Artist Bio:
Ellen Chuse has been part of the Arts Gowanus community for almost 20 years and has exhibited widely in NYC and beyond. Recent exhibitions have included: Large and Small, a group show at the Kentler International Drawing Space, Asymmetry, a two-person show at the Brooklyn Creative League Gallery, In The Mix, a group show at the 440 Gallery and Meditations, also at 440 Gallery. Ellen has been a member of the 440 Gallery in Park Slope since 2007. She had her 6th solo show at 440 Gallery in April/May 2018 and will be showing some of her work from Dark Matter at the GOS this year.

Artist Statement:
Over the years my work has focused on exploring organic forms in nature - particularly the ways in which they reflect and echo one another in widely varying scale and context - creating an ambiguity which challenges the viewer to bring personal associations and experiences to each piece. Moving between representation and abstraction the work explores landscape and the body in deeply personal ways. In recent years I have also explored the emotional resonance of deeply saturated color and have returned to working exclusively on paper - both large and small - for its texture, flexibility and abundance.

All images and text copyright Ellen Chuse