Sally Lesser
Medium: Fiber and Other

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3085

Phone: (718) 915-8599



Artist Bio:
Sally Lesser has been active in New York theater and television for over 30 years. She was part of the costume design staff at the ABC soap One Life to Live where she received 3 Daytime Emmy Awards. For 4 years, she designed for Good Morning America. Sally's extensive background in theater includes costume design for 150 plays. Notable projects include the original Little Shop of Horrors and over 25 major productions at La Mama ranging from rock n roll theater to Greek epics to jazz operas. Inspired by her flamenco classes and trips to Spain, she now works exclusively as a flamenco designer and artisan.

Artist Statement:
My creative niche, is the design and making of one of a kind flamenco dresses, a canvas that allows for endless variations. This iconic silhouette flatters all women (or men), and the dresses can convey emotions from dark to light. My art to wear dresses include embellishments such as applique, fringe and embroidery. The collection includes a line of up-cycled garments re-imagined into unique pieces suitable for dancing or streetwear. In addition to dresses, skirts, and tops made of many different fabrics, I created an art piece called "Flamenco Blender", made of paper, garbage bags and bubble wrap.

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