Lou Mazzella
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
656 5th Ave
Studio # n/a

Phone: 3474334212

Email: loumazzella@cs.com

Website:: www.loumazzella.com

Artist Bio:
Lou Mazzella was born in the borough of Queens in New York City in 1977. His first exposures to art were comic books and trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He attended Hunter College but was drawn to the American southwest where he attended Arizona State University. He returned to the bustle of New York to sell artists' materials and pursue his creative passions. He has spent time as a film reviewer, illustrator, publisher, and musician while helping to run an international nonprofit organization, but his true passion is for drawing and painting. He currently resides in the borough of Brooklyn, working out of MadArts Studios.

Artist Statement:
Color, movement, experimentation and exploration. These are the subjects that have always fascinated me about art and the world in which it's created. My paintings and drawings are a synthesis of these subjects. I draw inspiration from the words I read, music I hear and images I see and blend them in my brain to create new organic forms. Then I present these forms with techniques that are often changing as I experiment with new techniques and materials.

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