Joy Makon
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
440 6th Avenue
Studio # 440 Gallery



Artist Bio:
Joy Makon is a passionate observer of color and light; she explores the relationships of watercolor paint, heavy paper and contemporary reality. Her paintings are impressionistic observations of daily life through landscapes and seascapes, often with figures incorporated into the composition. Subjects come from neighborhoods in NYC, and from travels domestically and abroad. Makon employs classic drawing and watercolor techniques in her paintings. It is her unique approach to subject, composition, point-of-view that makes her work anything but traditional. A graduate of Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Joy is an artist with 440 Gallery. Her work has been shown in juried and gallery shows, including The American Watercolor Society and The Salmagundi Club Annual Open Exhibition, and can be found in private collections in the U.S.

Artist Statement:
Watercolor requires acceptance by the artist that one cannot always control how paint and paper will react. I don't struggle with this. I approach each watercolor with a bit of a strategy, and let that dissolve as the painting evolves. Initially, I identify where the highlights of the image are going to go, and then figure out how I will make use of the brightness of the paper without using white paint. I draw minimal, yet accurate pencil marks, and then turn to the watercolor to take advantage of the chemistry of water, pigment and gravity on thick, beautiful paper. The surface of the paper is as integral to the finished work as is the imagery. I want the viewer to be moved by both the intimacy of the subject as well as the beauty of the painted surface--one that's filled with innumerable touches of the artist's hand and thoughts.

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