Amy Weil
Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
168 7th Street (2nd Floor)
Studio # 2L



Artist Bio:
Amy Weil studied at Tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA and earned her BFA in painting. She was recently invited to show her work at the Long Beach Island of Arts and Sciences in a group show called "BROOKLYN" that highlighted the diversity of Brooklyn artists. She is a member of the 440 Gallery in Park Slope Brooklyn.
Amy works in encaustic and mixed media. The encaustic process has allowed Amy to explore painting on a more abstract and deeper level by spontaneously inscribing, scraping and adding wax that allude to and reflect on the natural process of nature.

Artist Statement:
I find that the process involved in encaustic painting is both intuitive and direct. I use a layering and scraping process, allowing the colors and images to emerge in unexpected ways. I also spontaneously inscribe into the wax in ways that reflect the natural world.
I am interested in creating an abstract vocabulary using circles, grids and collage elements in my paintings to capture the essence of a place, a thing, a person or a memory. The Circles in my paintings are metaphors for relationships and how we relate to people and our surroundings.
The relationship of time and space also intrigues me and this process of inscribing, scraping and adding wax, parallels the idea of time being circular rather then linear. The encaustic process allows the viewer to see the past, present and future all at once, as each layer is transparent and reveals the layer beneath.

All images and text copyright Amy Weil