Michael Koehler
Medium: Drawing and Collage

Studio Location:
110 Nevins Street
Studio # 1

Artist Bio:
I grew up in historic Lincoln, MA, within reach of Boston, and hitchhiked to NYC and Cooper Union the first chance I got. A period of west coast living, travel abroad and work in architecture & construction led back to Brooklyn and the City College of NY for a degree, numerous years of teaching architecture, and discovered historic preservation & community design.

Always documenting the environment???illustrating books, making models, collages and all manner of drawings???I've worked with master professionals in the field, while also following an independent path. I work in a successful architectural practice in preservation and design that continues today with major construction projects in town and fictional pictures for exhibition.

Artist Statement:
Parallel with a professional practice in architecture and historic preservation, I like to imagine fictional constructions in drawings, models and collages.

Past series of renderings have been set in developing/declining neighborhoods where the urban fabric and its voids form new pathways that traverse the area, punctuated by events???fictional cityscapes.

Continuing work explores a distant site on & off the tip of Nova Scotia. It's a well-known place from childhood that was lost???kept living only in ideas and sketches???and has returned as an archaeological dig, turned growing villa.

My intent with these, and other series of designs & illustrations, is to tell stories in architecture with narratives informed by history, precedent and imagination. In my historic preservation work we study the stories of the making of environments in the past and tell them anew. In these reinvented environments, I hope to find later chapters that still preserve a place's original, big idea.

All images and text copyright Michael Koehler