Nancy Doniger
Medium: Printmaking and Drawing

Studio Location:
165 2nd Street - Boathouse
Studio # boathouse

Phone: 347-831-0566



Artist Bio:
I am a visual artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. I work in several mediums: including digital and traditional drawing, painting, and hand pulled printmaking. Most of my monoprints and etchings are based on images culled from my practice of daily drawings. Inspired by stories and poems, I have just completed a series of monoprints based on works of Edgar Allen Poe for an exhibit at Poe Park in the Bronx.

I work out of a small studio in Brooklyn utilizing the non-toxic printmaking techniques I learned studying printmaking at Zea Mays Printmaking in Massachusetts. I also studied printmaking with Sheila Goloborotko in her Brooklyn studio, and with Fred Mershimer at Manhattan Graphics in NY. I studied painting and drawing at the New York Studio School, and received a BA in psychology from Rutgers University.

My art is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited throughout New York and New England. As well as working as a fine artist, I have created images for periodicals, publishing houses, institutions and corporations. I have produced a large body of work for The New York Times, and illustrated books for publishers such as Roaring Brook Press and HarperCollins. I am a member of Zea Mays Printmaking, the Monotype Guild of New England and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Artist Statement:
My work begins with a daily practice of stream of consciousness drawings. I start with a shape or 'character', and draw in response to it. Sometimes that response is narrative, sometimes compositional. Then I repeat the process, gradually adding shapes, color and story. When I'm ready to move to printmaking, I choose drawings, or sections of drawings that resonate in someway.

My monotype process is similar. I work off the drawing, but allow it to evolve and change, adding, subtracting and layering, working intuitively and spontaneously. I work with akua inks; often on masa paper- this allows more freedom and looseness. I enjoy the way translucent layers of ink build up and show through.

Even though my work includes representational forms, I prefer to leave narrative questions open ended. I am interested in emotion, interactions, and composition. The possibility of multiple meanings relates to my experience of the world. Over time it seems that an iconography has developed. For example dogs seem to reoccur as symbols of playfulness and whimsy.

All images and text copyright Nancy Doniger