Gabriel Zimmer
Medium: Photography

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks 2nd Floor)
Studio # 8



Artist Bio:
Gabriel Zimmer is a still life photographer from Brooklyn, NY with a BA in photography from Bard College.

Artist Statement:
Gabriel Zimmer (b.1986) is an artist working in photography based in Brooklyn, NY. In his studio-based practice, everyday objects and materials are incorporated into personal tableaus that reflect on questions of subjectivity and uncertainty in photography. Zimmer's work is influenced by the vernacular of commercial photography, employing artificial light and saturated color to heighten the energy of the image. These techniques often lend an uncanny quality to his photographs, complicating the perceptibility of the medium at hand (his images are made in-camera with minimal post-production). Similarly, his use of disparate materials and re-photography as content in his photographs further distort the veracity of his images.

All images and text copyright Gabriel Zimmer