Spencer Merolla
Medium: Sculpture and Installation

Studio Location:
567 Union Street
Studio # 1

Email: spencer@spencermerolla.com

Website:: www.spencermerolla.com

Artist Bio:
Spencer Merolla has been making art as long as she can remember, beginning with obsessively coloring on the little cardboard inserts that come in packages of hosiery--and also on the walls of her childhood bedroom in a drafty Victorian house in Westchester county.

Having studied Religion as an undergraduate she had embarked on a career in academia before returning to her first love. Her work, informed by her study of religion and history, explores the social practices and material culture of mourning through a variety of materials such as funeral clothing and human hair.

She lives and works in Brooklyn.

Artist Statement:
Coal Comforts is a concept bakery in which traditional baked goods are replaced with inedible versions made from coal ash. An evocative material, ash suggests both personal mortality (ashes to ashes, cremation) and communal annihilation by way of mass destruction. On the face of it, these baked goods look just like the real thing, but close inspection reveals that they are not what they seem. The familiar forms of cookies and cakes generally evoke fond memories, but the confounding of expectations about what is on offer at the "bakery" invites the viewer to question the nostalgic impulse itself. Nostalgia persuades us that what is familiar is innocuous, and in so doing masks a harmful reality-- that our overindulgence in fossil fuels has been-- and will be--our undoing. ***Note to former GOS visitors-- this year I will be set up at Gowanus Souvenir Shop, 567 Union Street between Nevins and Third Ave, not at my studio location***

All images and text copyright Spencer Merolla