Tony Geiger
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
61 9th Street
Studio # B8



Artist Bio:
I make paintings and drawings that are dark, strange and a little funny.
I was raised in the suburbs of southern California (Pasadena) and then at age 13 my family moved to midtown Manhattan.
I graduated from The School of Visual Arts.
I'm influenced by the Old Masters. Add to that Philip Guston, Julian Schnabel, Neo Rauch, Salvador Dali, Louise Bourgeois, et al.
I am not represented by any galleries or institutions, but I manage to get my work showcased in a couple of group shows a year in the metropolitan area.

Artist Statement:
I like to say my paintings take you to a certain place, but you have to find your own way back.
My images tend to depict environments with unlikely inhabitants, or inhabitants in unlikely environments. These mischievous juxtapositions are attempting to make statements on the human condition, either politically, physically or spiritually.
I want the viewer to be challenged and amused by this mixture of the macabre and the playful.

I sometimes use animals to stand in for humans to create a useful distance between the viewer and the story I am trying to tell.

All images and text copyright Tony Geiger