Claudia Dishon
Medium: Drawing and Printmaking

Studio Location:
75 3rd Street
Studio # 3rd Floor



Artist Bio:
Claudia Dishon is a teaching artist and arts administrator working in Queens and Brooklyn. Her work, primarily on paper, explores epigenetic trauma, cycles of traumatic narratives that are perpetuated across lifetimes, trauma as a desecration of water and the shamanic release granted by imagination. Dishon has studied printmaking at Murray State University, Clemson University and Frogman's Print and Paper Workshop. She is from Louisville, Kentucky.

Artist Statement:
Works displayed at Gowanus Open Studios began as an examination of extinction through the global of the loss of the baiji, the Yangtze river dolphin. This bridged to a meditation on the ecology of the Gowanus canal itself, a place of toxicity through its role as an industrial thoroughfare and the site where a chronically ill male dolphin died in 2013. This series of paper constructions explores the desire to save something that cannot be saved.

All images and text copyright Claudia Dishon