Abby Goldstein
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
110 Nevins Street
Studio # ground floor


Artist Bio:
Abby Goldstein (b. Chicago, IL ) received a BFA from Pratt Institute, NY and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY. Ms. Goldstein is an Associate Professor of Art and heads the Graphic Design Concentration at Fordham University, NY. Book projects and collaborations include Revival Type for Yale University Press and Helvetica, and the New York City Subway System, MIT Press. Ms. Goldstein has exhibited her art in the US and abroad. She has received numerous awards, fellowships, and public commissions. including murals for the NYC Department of Transportation. Ms.Goldstein lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:
The topography of my environs are the elements that I draw from for my source material. The details of my surroundings such as the rippling of water, shadows, leaves, weeds and grasses blowing in the wind, silhouettes of trees, pebbles, cracks in the sidewalk, architectural details, building materials, winding streams, highways and well-worn paths all provide an immediate inspiration and validation for my work. My background in graphic design impels me to reduce all these bits of visual information into graphic symbols and then reorganize them into my own navigational system that sets the blueprint for a map. When I write words often get scrambled. The making of a mapping system helps me process information by recollecting what I see, hear and feel. My work is a sanctuary where I can retreat from the world, regain control, think, decompress, stumble, explore and express myself.

My background, professional practice, and teaching of design and typography has made an impact on my preoccupation with details and the need to organize and make systems. As a designer, I focus on the arrangement of basic shapes, grids, placement of letters, punctuation and text on a page. In my visual arts work, letterforms transform into a repetition of shapes, lines, and colors. I use historic maps as a rich source of material and inspiration for my work. I am fascinated by the way maps reduce information into simple graphic shapes that crosses language barriers and is easily decipherable.

My recent work, Reimagining Brooklyn, 2016???2017, is an ongoing series. It is a response to the building boom in downtown Brooklyn where I live and work. It is my attempt to reconcile the immense changes that are taking place to the landscape around me. Each work starts with an historic map of Brooklyn that I find on the internet and download and print onto archival paper. In a method of drawing, painting and overlaying of ink, gouache, acrylic paint, shellac ink and paint markers, I heedlessly trespass borders, reconfigure grids, and design new networks suggesting evolutionary change. What emerges is a constructed fictional map based on symbols of disruption and transformation.

All images and text copyright Abby Goldstein