Melissa Dadourian
Medium: Painting and Fiber

Studio Location:
98 4th Street
Studio # 55

Phone: 917-822-4234



Artist Bio:
Melissa Dadourian received a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA in Combined Media and Painting from Hunter College. She has exhibited Internationally and in New York. Dadourian's work uses the medium of painting and installation.
The artist lives and works in New York City.

Artist Statement:
Thread Paintings / Soft Geometry

My knit paintings are abstract depictions of geometric forms born from my intrigue in the hidden beauty that lies in mathematical equations that equal the poetry of aesthetics. The transient quality of thread or line and its ability to disappear or unravel in an instant is something I embrace. I attempt to create work that is open for interpretation; where meaning can be found in a color or a shape and their relationship to one another.

These themes are not limited to my textile work and move across other mediums including drawing, painting and sculpture. My sculptural pieces greatly influence the knit paintings and then those same pieces reflect in paintings and works on paper.

Intrigued, at an early age, by the obsessive aspect of craft and "handiwork" I began by weaving potholders, making dollhouse furniture out of discarded household objects, and beds for tiny porcelain animals. Growing up in the 70's during the craft movement I was completely charmed by the act of crafting and I created a plethora of seemingly functional items. This skill and fascination lead me to study the history of women's work and domesticity and continues to be relevant in my practice.

Presently I am using a machine that is built for producing functional knit garments. While my "soft geometry" pieces are carefully constructed, they also appear to be torn and falling apart, only then to be repaired. I see this act as intentionally "anti-productive" or "anti-functional" while at the same time seeking strength in its ability to draw the viewer in through the seemingly fragile material and striking form. I find great beauty and an expression of love in this constant mending.

All images and text copyright Melissa Dadourian