Tara Kopp
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
98 4th Street
Studio # 413

Email: tara@tarakopp.com

Website:: www.tarakopp.com

Artist Bio:
ABOUT TARA KOPP (American, b. 1984 in Springfield, MO, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) Tara Kopp is a painter. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in 2009 as well as an Advanced Certificate in Art and Design Education. She also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 from the Rhode Island School of Design. She participated in 2015 in "New directions 15" at The Barrett Art Center juried by Janet Bishop, Curator at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and in "Behind Doors and Through Windows: Reflections on Contemporary Domestic Life," Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY. She recently had a solo exhibition at Art 3 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and has exhibited extensively since 2006 in numerous group shows in the United States.

Artist Statement:
From modern architecture and design to home appliances and technology, Kopp's work appropriates recognizable symbols to question expectations of adulthood around activities in the home. Through staging scenes with miniature models and dolls, Kopp's oil paintings become a narrative device to address the personal, social, and cultural perspectives involving issues of connection and isolation. Inspired by Edward Hopper, Kopp utilizes light, shadow, and austere lines to convey the tensions in modern daily life.
Kopp creates architectural models with miniatures--dolls, furniture, and other objects she collects --which become scenes for her premise. The doll-like characters are surrogates for the average urban dweller. Taking place in a modern apartment, these paintings provide a glimpse of daily choices from reading a newspaper to preparing a meal. The artist is interested in how the miniature objects recreate and mimic our lives; they are able to reveal an eerie sense of loneliness.
Each painting is a page from a personal and intimate diary filled with mundane moments, silences, and uneasy encounters. Each prop tells a story, while the stark and fragmented structures build a tension among the characters.

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