David Kutz
Medium: Photography and Other

Studio Location:
418 3RD ST
Studio # Up the Stoop

Email: dkutz5@gmail.com

Website:: davidkutz.com/

Artist Bio:
I am an older person, but a young or if you prefer a buzz word - an emerging artist.

I was deeply engaged with photography as an artist in the 1970s. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Art from Rochester Institute of Technology - class of 1974.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to New York and became the eleventh employee at the newly established International Center of Photography.

I then worked as an independent photojournalist from 1976 to 1980.

From 1980 until 2013, I worked in film and television as a director, producer, and media executive.

In 2013, I stepped away from moving pictures - built a new portfolio of still photographs and in July 2016 completed a Masters in Fine Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

I am now actively engaged in making work and continue my research into how
geography, travel and globalization informs my practice.

After a portfolio review, I was admitted as a member of Soho Photo Gallery, a cooperative gallery in New York City, where I sometimes show my work.

Artist Statement:
My work is informed by research in the field of human geography, particularly chorology, the study of the causal relationships between people and place. In geography and in my work this is a study of "cultural landscapes".

In the current Anthropocene epoch, the entire planet has been altered by people, so the cultural landscape and my subject is omnipresent. I use my socio-political interests and concerns to connect my photographs of vernacular architecture with globalization, migration and energy production, and in studying the movement of people through those landscapes.

Transit points, such as hotel lobbies, airports, bridges, train stations or highway edges, are "super-modern non-places" (Marc Auge????), where people from different cultures have a common globalizing experience. I look for the beauty and motion in these communal places that have transcended their locales.

As I make my work, I record soundscapes that are produced into multi-track audio elements. These recordings contribute to creating an immersive experience for the viewers.

In my panoramic pictures, people traveling through the landscapes, are repeated. The multiple representations of this everyday dance imply that although this is a photograph of a 'real place', it is a manufactured landscape with a narrative, and prompt the viewer to consider time and motion through space. The repeating figures create an uncanny impression and suggest the enigmatic nature of place as represented in a landscape.

All images and text copyright David Kutz