Rebecca Scheckman
Medium: Drawing and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
126 13th Street
Studio # 2b

Phone: 5163599285



Artist Bio:
Rebecca Scheckman is a multimedia artist. She holds a BFA from Tufts and an MA in Media and Documentary Studies from The New School. She currently works as the Creative Director at American Prison Data Systems. Previously, she developed, directed, and edited the online TV show, "The Laura Flanders Show."

She has more than five years experience as a videographer, producer, director and film editor for various companies and organizations in documentary and the social justice field, and ten years plus experience producing and exhibiting art.

Artist Statement:
My drawings are a documentation of control and surrender, of disequilibrium. They are filled with tension and anticipation. I have developed my visual language through a process of internal questioning and deep concentration--a meditation on what is inside of me and an exploration of where the limit of my imagination exists. This drawing process develops my capacity to dream.

All images and text copyright Rebecca Scheckman