Julie Combal
Medium: Painting and Sculpture

Studio Location:
400 3rd Avenue
Studio # 12

Website:: juliecombal.com

Artist Bio:
I consider myself to be primarily an oil painter. This might be why I find water pollution so interesting. I'm attracted to the goopy nature of the sludge and oil; how it sticks to things, creates light and color. And much like painting, if you take a moment to contemplate it, there is an invitation to consider one's perceived reality.
My work responds to the creeks and canals that surround us here in Brooklyn. For many of the works, I go to the banks to work with the pollution itself, or gathering up stones / concrete etc., while others are created in the studio as intuitive associations to the environment.
My education in is the fields of studio art and art therapy. I approach my work with polluted bodies of water with the idea that I am assisting the water to express its current state via art-making. I consider these works to be a collaboration between myself and the water. Currently I am focusing on the Gowanus Canal, but in the past have worked with the Newtown Creek and the Atoyac River in Mexico.

All images and text copyright Julie Combal