Katelyn Alain
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
98 4th Street
Studio # 309

Phone: 9173194367

Email: katelynalain@gmail.com

Website:: www.katelynalain.com

Artist Bio:
Katelyn Alain has exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries across the United States including Skotia Gallery (Santa Fe, NM), Thinkspace (Los Angeles, CA), Stricoff Fine Art (New York, NY), Dedee Shattuck Gallery (Westport, MA), and Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art (New York, NY). Her work has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, American Art Collector Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, and Juxtapoz. She was recently sponsored by and is a featured artist for Grumbacher Oil Paints. Katelyn Alain received her MA and MFA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 and her BFA from Hartford Art School in 2001. She was a resident at Vermont Studio Center in 2007.

Artist Statement:
My oil paintings explore water as a metaphor and serve as a visual record of my internalized reactions to current events. The paintings originate from a need to more accurately describe the internal experiential place where the mind alters what the eye sees and becomes the deeper truth that the mind knows.

The paintings in my latest series describe a New American Epic about the power and resilience of girls, lost youth, and children moving against the tide on their way to becoming our future leaders. Each painting commemorates a moment in a greater narrative that highlights the inner strength, hope, diversity, and struggle of girls reclaiming their power. As part of this poetic and imagined nautical journey, children are depicted breaking free of limitations and using their own strength and skill to make their way at sea. I depict them in pivotal moments of challenge, despair, or enlightenment. In all of my work I explore the exuberance and distortion of the mind and memory perception as well as the beauty and strength of diverse personalities through great reverence for the painted portrait.

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