Clare Burson
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
18 Whitwell Place
Studio # Shapeshifter Lab



Artist Bio:
Currently a member at GasworksNYC, Clare began working in ceramics in 2015, where she studied at Greenwich House Pottery. Her instructors there included Joanie Turbek, Julie Knight, Kristin Wicklund, and Haakon Lenzi. During the summer of 2016, she spent two weeks studying with Victoria Christen at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, CO.
Her work has been exhibited at the St. Louis Craft Alliance and at the James May Gallery in Algoma, WI. On September 8, she is exhibiting and performing on her handmade ceramic instruments at SONIC MUD, a concert of ceramic instruments at the new BKLYN CLAY during the second annual Brooklyn Clay Tour.

Artist Statement:
Clare Burson is a ceramic artist who craves control and containment but recognizes the illusion of both. She revels in the experience of throwing precise iconic forms - orbs and cylinders especially. She then manipulates slips and glazes to create surfaces that explore extent to which we are able and/ or desire to tame our wild and grotesque interiors. Clare hopes that the result is something compelling and beautiful.

All images and text copyright Clare Burson