Nancy Hubbard
Medium: Mixed Media and Drawing

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 95

Phone: 917-733-3148



Artist Bio:
Nancy Hubbard is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. In her work, she integrates obsolete and rarely used materials and techniques ranging from traditional gessoes and gilding materials to photogravure. She was a member of the artist's collective galleryELL from 2009-2016 and was a resident artist at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn from 2011-2015. Her work has been exhibited in London UK, Toronto, Nashville, Washington, D.C., and New York, including at The Curator Gallery in Chelsea, and it is part of several private collections in the US, UK, and Belgium as well as the J.Crew collection.

Artist Statement:
Babies are able to see some vibrant color as soon as they develop their color vision at around 3 months. A newborn doesn't see in color at all, thus their early fascination with black-and-white shapes and designs.

As a departure from my main body work in mixed media, I started this series of gouache and graphite works on paper as a way to telegraph universal messages and lessons to my infant son. In contrast to my regular work, these pieces are all made quickly with preconceived themes in mind and are inspired by everything from scientific facts (remember those?), to spiritual guidance, to early mainframe punchcards.

On this page, top to bottom, left to right:

It's in Our DNA
Look Into My Eyes
Don't Forget to Look Up
Samatha I
Count To Ten

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