Janie Samuels
Medium: Mixed Media and Painting

Studio Location:
300 7th Street
Studio # J-Collabo Gallery

Phone: 9174144397

Email: jbsamuels3@gmail.com

Website:: www.janiesamuels.com

Artist Bio:
Janie Samuels was born in Canandaigua, NY. She received her BA from Bennington College, Vermont, after having returned from studying a year in Southern France. She subsequently returned to France to live and paint, coming back to New York a year later. She received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York.

She has had four solo exhibitions, the most recent at Artspace in Richmond, Virginia, 2009 .

She has been in over 70 group exhibitions in the United States and Southern France. She participates in group exhibitions regularly at BWAC, Brooklyn, NY. She is a member of the Gowanus Artist, South Slope Artists, Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artist Organizations. Her work is available through Martha McDonald at Brigid's Well, 109 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

From 1989 to 1994, she designed and built the sets and co-produced several plays written by her husband, Evan Gubernick, for Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway venues.

She had worked as Nancy Graves's Studio Manager from 1988 to 1994, at which time Graves passed away. Janie remained at the studio as its Director until late 1996 when the Nancy Graves Foundation was established. She continued at the foundation as its Collections Manager for several years, at which point Chuck Close offered her a position in his studio. After seven years, she resigned her position in order to focus her attention fully on her own art career.

Artist Statement:
In discussing her oeuvre, Samuels describes her paintings as being simultaneously political and personal, universal and intimate, her subject often inspired by current events. The images, although derived from the media and personal photos, are intended to reference broader topics.

Technically, she is interested in how color, pattern, line and form break down abstractly and how she can manipulate them to create cohesive expressive qualities, such as rhythm and movement. She manipulates line and color so that the image works narratively and abstractly, and the canvas has an intrinsic balance.

The newest development in her work is photographic gel transfer and oil on panel works. These grew out of her interest in manipulating both her drawings and photographs on the computer and reworking them by hand in pastel or oils. The subject is landscapes both urban and rural, an intimate portrait from every day life. The photographs are manipulated in Photoshop, printed and transferred to panels, absorbed by the gel medium and the remaining paper stripped away. The panels are then painted and varnished.

All images and text copyright Janie Samuels