Jessica Weiss
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
374 Bond St
Studio # ground floor

Phone: 9179742934



Artist Bio:
Jessica Weiss is a native New Yorker who received her BA from Oberlin College and studied at the New York Studio School in the mid 1970s. Long impressed with the optical and psychological power of domestic wallpaper, Weiss takes that often-overlooked material's beauty and brings it to the fore, stenciling, overlaying, mirroring and otherwise referencing its varied patterns from vegetal traceries and floral flocking to juvenile and oriental motifs. Weiss allows figure and ground to merge in her paintings and works on paper, all the better to create new layers of visual meaning.

The artist (who received a National Endowment for the Arts' Fellowship in Painting in 1989) has had solo exhibitions at Outlet Fine Art (Bushwick, Brooklyn), A. M. Richard Fine Art (Brooklyn) and Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery (New York City), and her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Art in America, TimeOut NY, The Baltimore Sun, and the New York Observer. Weiss has appeared in numerous group exhibitions including "Two Friends and So On" at Andrew Kreps, "Seaworthy" at Edward Thorpe, "Three Degrees of Separation" at Sonnabend Gallery, and "The Stroke" (selected by Elizabeth Murray) at Exit Art.

Artist Statement:
Scavenged decorative imagery drives and informs my work.

Over two decades ago questions of domesticity became paramount. As a painter I searched for a mark that felt true and in keeping with my fundamental abstract aesthetic. These concurrent preoccupations led me to discover wallpaper as both the material and the gesture I sought. I became enamored by the way wallpapers mimetic elements seamlessly merged into abstraction. Wallpaper, literally a piece of cultural fabric, has become a major source of both content and formal concerns in my paintings.
With silkscreen, collage, and paint I apply patterns as one might use a brush stroke. In an abstract construct a narrative seed is planted with these ready-made designs, ripe with suggestion and association. It is a playful process. I am interested in repurposing the tactile quality that I encounter in wallpaper as well as it's embellishments. Patterns are juxtaposed to join in conversation while maintaining their distinct graphic identities.

My current work is inspired by a recent trip to India. I felt an amazing affinity for the amount of decorative material involved in all aspects of life there. I was particularly taken with the use of decoration in architecture. I am currently digesting this information and beginning to see it emerge in my painting.

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