Heather Jeremy
Medium: Drawing and Painting

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3908

Email: heather.m.jeremy@gmail.com

Website:: www.heatherjeremy.com

Artist Bio:
Heather Jeremy is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. She was born in 1986 in Stockton, California and raised in Sacramento, California. Her B.A. in Studio Art was received from California State University of Sacramento, where she was the recipient of the University Art Product Scholarship Award in 2009.

Artist Statement:
In the past I would draw based off of stream of consciousness, and at the time it was fulfilling and meaningful. I am now at a new stage in my life where I give more meaning and intent to my work, while still holding a quality of lightness and humor. I find that for myself, there is balance in using oil paint as an expressive tool and oil pastel and pen for precision. With painting, I can express myself through different brushstrokes, each feeding off of the previous mark. It feels honest and pure. And with oil pastel, the calming quality of coloring in forms in space brings me to a childlike state of awe and wonder. I can never seem to separate the two, it has always felt necessary to have a balance and express myself in these two fashions.

All images and text copyright Heather Jeremy