Sarah E. Brook
Medium: Installation and Sculpture

Studio Location:
168 7th Street (2nd Floor)
Studio # 2L



Artist Bio:
Sarah E. Brook is a Brooklyn-based sculptor and installation artist. She has exhibited at BRIC, Lesley Heller, Field Projects, the (un)Scene, NARS, Ground Floor Gallery, The Re:Art Show, Carrie Able Gallery, The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, David & Schweitzer Contemporary and others. Public art projects include "Viewfinding," a sculpture and collaboration with queer poets currently installed in Riverside Park, "Open Shelter" in Prospect Park and the forthcoming "Align" in Crystal Park, NY. Awards include BRIC's Media Arts Fellowship, residency awards from SPACE on Ryder Farm, Jentel, Playa and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.

Artist Statement:
My sculptures and installations engage both internal and external expanses, exploring how vastness can dismantle limiting narratives of being. I grew up in the Nevada desert, a geography that offers the now radical opportunity to experience the self as governed by geological time/space, not sociocultural time/space. I placed myself within that expanse often, as a way to meet gender and queer identities that didn't fit within my community. This biography threads through my work.

My pieces oscillate between objects and perceptual experimentation. Using materials that evoke the stripped-down, distilled and bare qualities of the desert, I utilize translucency, layering, color gradients and architectural references to explore the relationship between expansive external and internal space. Raw and painted fields meet sculptural/structural gestures in a continuous juxtaposition of the expansive with the particular. Some works are spare self-portraits, renderings of simplified, uncategorized being, known through vast ground.

Each installation offers multiple angles of alignment, suggesting that a viewer find their own resonant physical, perceptual and psychical orientation to a piece within and through its environment. I want my work to be felt externally by a body in space as it's felt internally by the psyche, creating a kind of metaphysical proprioception. I favor a human scale and strive to be generous, offering viewers multiple points of entry. This generosity is ultimately a transgressive act, relocating the power of identification within the individually-defined experience of the self.

All images and text copyright Sarah E. Brook