Blanca Guerrero
Medium: Painting and Collage

Studio Location:
98 4th Street
Studio # Suite 325



Artist Bio:
Blanca Guerrero is a visual artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. She was born in Madrid, Spain and raised in New York City. In 2012 she received a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. As of late, her studio work focuses primarily on collage of handmade Japanese washi and painting, varying in scale. Her approach is minimalist, influenced by architecture and her own photography practice. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Spain, and Japan. Currently, her work is being shown at Picture Room in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:
Conceptually, I am most interested in what I describe as diffusing elements in nature.
Fog, haze... the feeling of being submerged in a body of water.
How we experience these transient states -
How they affect our senses -
How they modify our perception of volumes -
How we interact with this impermanence -
These moments of diffusion are easily overlooked. They are an expression of a fleeting moment, a shift between elemental states. That precious and subtle articulation of impermanence is what entices me. These diffusers alter landscape as well as mindscape.
I take an architecturally influenced approach... creating objects, sketches, paintings, photographs, in pursuit of an imaginary structure, of quietude... as an exercise, as a guide to stillness and contemplation.

All images and text copyright Blanca Guerrero