jaime reyes
Medium: Painting and Photography

Studio Location:
350 Union Street
Studio # 3

Phone: (718)855-2788

Email: jaime70reyes@gmail.com

Artist Bio:
I was born in Maria Elena, an American nitrate mining company town in the Atacama Desert, in the north of Chile.

I studied etching and painting at the School of Fine Arts (Escuela de Belles Artes) in Santiago and upon graduation, I worked as a cinematographer for Chilean directors.

On the day of the coup d'etat 1973, while working in the film department of The University of Chile, I was arrested and detained in the National Stadium for 29 days. Upon my release, I decided not to go into exile abroad, but rather to stay in Chile.

In 1990, when democracy was restored to Chile, I moved to New York. My wife, Judy Karp and I worked as a team, recording sound on Independent feature films, including 8 films directed by John Sayles.

On Sept. 11, 2001, the 28th Anniversary of the coup in Chile, I began painting again.

Artist Statement:
My paintings are based on my photographs and represent my dreams and my nightmares.

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