Spring Hofeldt
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3rd floor, Studio 2

Email: spring@springhofeldt.com

Website:: www.springhofeldt.com

Artist Bio:
Spring Hofeldt received a B.A. in Illustration from Central Missouri State University in 2001, has exhibited in numerous galleries across the country, is a recipient of NYFA grants, and has been featured in online publications such as Hyperallergic. Her studio is located in the neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:
Spring Hofeldt's paintings immerse the viewer in a metaphor of the day-to-day making light of such trials and tribulations... highlighting the offbeat and offering a unique perspective on the familiar. Her works play with glass and portraiture, capturing the whimsical, the critical, and the beautiful in a simple setting.

All images and text copyright Spring Hofeldt