Neil Harvey
Medium: Painting and Other

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 42



Artist Bio:
Neil Harvey is an award-winning artist, photographer and media producer. His painting work strives to bring to view fleeting experiences of the lucid now. His paintings, pastels and photographs have been shown in galleries in California and New York. In 2013, he presented a breakthrough solo show "Minding the Gap: Contemplative Paintings" at the Aryaloka Buddhist Retreat Center in New Hampshire.

With five short films to his credit he has been a featured artist at Chicago's Mess Hall Experimental Music Festival. His sound installation Sound In-Stalls One, Two, Three premiered in Brooklyn in July 2018. As a producer, writer, editor and host, for The Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature, New Dimensions Radio, The California Indian Radio Project, The Love of Wisdom With Alan Watts and Music From the Hearts of Space, he has produced over 300 internationally distributed radio programs for which he has won numerous awards.

His work as a recording engineer has taken him to Israel, India, Nepal, Japan, England, France, Sweden, Mexico, and through out the United States. After stints in San Francisco, Paris, and rural Northern California, Neil now works from his studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York.

He earned a BA in Visual Arts/Communications from the boundary bending Art Department at the University of California, San Diego.

Artist Statement:
Mantra Painting is one of my current experiments:
On 'Simplicity' sewing pattern paper, found in my late grandmother's attic, I write 108 mantra repetitions of the Buddhist Heart Sutra: Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha which translated to English is Gone Gone Gone Beyond Gone Beyond Gone. The process takes an hour and is usually performed in public. Past public locations include the ruined scriptorium room of the 12th century Strata Florida Abbey in Wales; Haiku Master Basho's Hut, Kyoto, Japan; the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, Concord; the Rothko Room, Tate Modern Museum, London; 10,000 feet up the south east slope of Mount Shasta, California; and The 12th Century Pontaut Chapter House, The Cloisters, MET, New York.

Then I float the tissue paper on wet canvas and with my non-dominant hand embed the mantras under strokes of thick paint - or not.

For me, the finished pieces are artifacts of my attempts to touch inner silence, the space between thoughts. They are my response to develop the heart, to 'mind the gap,' and to somehow be of help in these challenging times.

The Heart Sutra mantra points toward the paradox of emptiness and enfleshed self existence. But the rest is up to you.

All images and text copyright Neil Harvey