vesna bricelj
Medium: Glass and Printmaking

Studio Location:
280 Nevins Street
Studio # 3-3


Artist Bio:
Graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Ecole Superieure de Peinture Van der Kelen.Vesna Bricelj is a decorative artist with a client list including some of the top architects and designers on the East Coast.

Her work has appeared in Elle Decor,Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, etc and been featured in monographs by Juan Montoya and Michael S. Smith, as well as showhouses such as Kips Bay and the Hamptons Showhouse.
She has been developing her fine art work in both verre eglomise and printmaking for the last decade.

Artist Statement:
Lately I have found myself wanting a personal voice, one that would use use all the artistic techniques I use as a decorative artist to begin to formulate an internal lexicon of images answering to no one but myself.

They are like dreams, intensely personal and arbitrary, and as such very freeing.
I guide them through my choice of material, for now glass or paper, observing how they transform from one medium to another, but try to keep the content completely instinctive.

I started this exploration using a technique already familiar to me, verre eglomise (painting and gilding behind glass, an old French technique I was using in my decorative work).
It requires on the one hand a total surrender to living in a world of reversed images, and on the other, precise technical skills (gilding, knowledge of multiple mediums) to materialize.
Not often used in fine art, and therefore, intriguing.

My experimentation with mono prints occurred as a reaction to the refinement of using multiple layers to achieve an image.There was an urgent need for immediacy, eschewing correction and retouching, and trying not to rely on the glamour of glass.
Still using similar graphic or painterly gestures, the resulting opacity, the visceral quality of application, required a different mind set. Both mediums I believe cross-pollinate and gain from the exchange, creating images that stimulate me to explore the next plateau.

All images and text copyright vesna bricelj