Liza Cassidy
Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
165 7th Street Site: Brooklyn
Studio # 9



Artist Bio:
Liza Cassidy was born in southern Vermont and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.
She maintains a studio in Gowanus Brooklyn, participating for nine years in the Gowanus Open Studios and showing work primarily in NYC and New England. She is a certified sequencing teacher as developed at River Gallery School of Vermont by Ric Campman, and is also trained as a performer collaborating and showing work with Theaterlab in NYC.

Artist Statement:
The market crash of 2008 prompted several abstract collage series' using receipts and windowed envelopes as the establishing groundwork. "Reciprocal City", "Sunshinelaw", and the ongoing series "Reciprocity" aim to extract poetry from discord and discard. The next phase of this inquiry entitled "Women Receipt" narrows the focus to women's place in the market, as consumer, commodity, as gift, noting Karl Marx's shocking oversight of women as a key component in providing and maintaining our work force, through marriage, motherhood, caregiving.... I use materials that have been discarded or overlooked and collage, followed by painting to highlight beauty in unexpected places. By layering form and color, I explore ways of seeing that might reach beyond habitual perception. I work from my studio in Gowanus Brooklyn, NY. When I visit my home town in southern Vermont I bring my paints and head right to the fields for direct contact with the landscape, plein air painting brings heat, cold, wind, rain, insects and forever changing light, and my brushes strive to keep up.

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