Paige Beeber
Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3902



Artist Bio:
Growing up in the suburbs of Syosset, NY, I was privy to an abundance of both natural beauty and inanimate form. My work is a dialogue between the basic human experience of nature and its material association. Each piece is a product of an intuitive response, leaving behind documentation of a personal history, a material history, and endless possibility of arising perspective. Through this lens I seek to express an authentic and pure inhabitance through the use of materials that range from oil paint to clay as well as mixed media explorations.

I am a graduate of Alfred University where I received my BFA

Artist Statement:
My work focuses on the divide between our natural and our industrial sources as well as my personal conflict between my background in ceramic sculpture and painting. I have found that painting and sculpture together can create such cumbersome efforts but after much probing, I have finally found a process that allows me to combine the two amicably. I approach painting with a three-dimensional approach; most of my images are derived from real-life situations and previous works that cultivated over the years

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