michael amendolara
Medium: Painting and Printmaking

Studio Location:
168 7th Street (2nd Floor)
Studio # 2L

Phone: 718 775 5166

Email: michael.amendolara@gmail.com

Artist Bio:
Michael Amendolara came to New York City in 1977 to study at the New York Studio School. In 1989 he received a Helena Rubenstein to study at Parsons School of Design where he received an MFA. He has exhibited in several US states and in Japan. He has taught Painting at Parsons School of Design, The New York Studio School, Chatauqua Institution, and given numerous lectures throughout New York City. He continues to paint in his studio in Gowanus.

Artist Statement:
I am both an abstract and a figurative painter. Although I am deeply interested in human proportion and expression, my visual language is abstract. I am equally interested in El Greco and Mondrian. For artists as different as these two they have striking formal similarities as well. I believe it is the nature of one's investigation that becomes real and not the outward appearances of things.

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