Phillip Baltz
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
165 7th Street
Studio # 5


Artist Bio:
Painting has been an important creative focus for Phillip Baltz for five years. He works out of a Gowanus studio and a converted shed in North Sea, Long Island. Baltz's abstract pieces are part of individual private collections.

Artist Statement:
I paint to immerse myself in the present - moving in the current of the creative flow. My non-objective art is a reflection of this presence, an attempt to channel my experience visually.

Although abstract art has long held appeal for me, I did not feel compelled to make my own until I bought acrylic paints while visiting the central coast of Vietnam in 2013.

Each work is spontaneous and evolves individually - I am just beginning to uncover my process.

I work with acrylics, oils, epoxy resin and natural elements - exploring texture, layering, concealing and revealing.

All images and text copyright Phillip Baltz