Mary Garsia
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
18 Whitwell Place
Studio # 1


Artist Bio:
While working in assemblage, collage/mixed media for as long as I can remember, for the past 18 years I have work in clay. I moved to NYC in 1979 where Feminism, the AIDS crisis, art, music, bar tending,bad neighborhoods and crazy roommates set me on the path I now find myself. I was a studio assistant to the sculptor Dorothy Gillespie and had the opportunity to meet with many amazing artists. With much gratitude for all my teachers,especially Adrienne, I work with clay without and within.

Artist Statement:
Be and see in nature, and with earth and water so ancient, air and fire so impermanent, let's remember, re member. Pull up the elusive dreams by their familiar fragments. What do we feel, know, love, fear in common? Where is our power? How will we share it?

All images and text copyright Mary Garsia