Craig Kaths
Medium: Sculpture and Painting

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 40



Artist Bio:
Craig Kaths is widely known for his photo realistic wooden sculptures comprised of steam bent and hand routed components. Craig's general practice has evolved to become meticulous hand labored, wood- working mixed with designed laser etching. Although his work may seem largely planned it is not. He generally employs creative freedom from beginning to end. This allows him to modify ideas or even change the complete outcome of the work. Craig was born and raised in Tampa FL were he was taught by his father, from a young age to do it yourself. He has stayed true to this practice with his artwork ever since, and takes pride in the active participation of creation and fabrication. Craig has been living and working in Brooklyn NY since 2009.

Artist Statement:
As of recently I have been creating photo realistic sculptures that are loosely based on musical instruments and sound equipment. My work attempts to be playful to the viewer while having depths of meaning. My work has subtle references to personal reflection but it more so alludes to the banality of our pop music culture and that social connection to our society. I use sub cultural hip-hop references and influences, as well as my own person connection with the audible learning process. My work is a clear extension of myself, which I have come to find out over years of understanding my creative process. There is no on or off button with my idea outlet it is just there, a continual constant. After years of painting with an emphasis on hard-edged and super flat techniques, my work has evolved into sculptural form. There is a meticulousness nature about my work that is very crucial to my engagement. The work is meant to connect to viewers in a very, simple fundamental way. I first and foremost make work about work. To remove ones self from the action of making only sets a path for replicating ideas and does not allow ones self to be integrated within the process.

All images and text copyright Craig Kaths