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Karen Gibbons
Medium: Mixed Media and Photography

Studio Location:
280 Nevins Street
Studio # 2-2



Artist Bio:
Karen Gibbons is a creative explorer--an artist, author, poet and yogi. Karen has been creating and showing in Brooklyn and New York City for many years. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in painting and went on to earn her MFA from Hunter College. She has since raised a family, become a holistic therapist, and all along tended her craft. She currently make photographs and mixed media work involving collage, painting and sculpture and drawing.

Artist Statement:
I am an artist because I love exploring my relationship with the world. In my work I honor the tension of things constantly changing--existing, really, only in memory or in the context of our impressions. When I make art I am often working intuitively, freely associating materials and meaning. I integrate images I collect either from my personal history, my photography or in print media, with paint, drawing materials and sculptural elements. I tend to pare things down to their essence, while simultaneously embracing everything. Physicality, growth and transformation are my vocabulary. My work celebrates the paradox of our ordinary physical reality containing ephemeral, limitless majesty.

All images and text copyright Karen Gibbons