Carly Leinheiser
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3044



Artist Bio:
I am a self-taught painter, illustrator, and textile artist (or obsessive knitter). I moved to Brooklyn from my hometown of Portland, Oregon, where I had the good fortune to show my knitted work at Gallery Homeland's "Scratching the Surface" event before moving to NYC in 2006. My knitted work has also been featured at Figment New York and the Paper House on Governors Island. I currently serve as the volunteer board chair for Figment Project, the nonprofit arts organization that produces Figment New York, as well as several other free participatory art festivals in public spaces around the world. Since late 2016, I've focused on developing my painting practice, and I'm thrilled to be showing my paintings again this year.

Artist Statement:
I begin each painting intuitively with little expectation of the end result. As I apply thick layers of paint, patterns and textures begin to emerge from repetitive brushstrokes and interactions between colors across the canvas. These patterns are refined and details added in subsequent layers to arrive at the finished work. For me, the repetition of brushstrokes evokes the repetition of motion, like practicing a waltz, or watching a leaf swirl around and around in the wind. Once in a while, I'll finish a painting and find it suddenly reminds me of the fragmented images and emotions of an almost-forgotten dream.

All images and text copyright Carly Leinheiser