Mike Sorgatz
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 43

Phone: 9177550973

Email: mikesorgatz@gmail.com

Website:: www.mikesorgatz.com

Artist Bio:
Currently living in NYC, I was born in Chicago and lived in California where I earned a BFA degree at the Art Institute of Southern California. I publish the websites Art in Brooklyn and Art in New York City which promote local artists.

Artist Statement:
My paintings are improvisations that combine vibrant color with an assortment of painting techniques to create highly textured and dynamic surfaces. I have a very loose process to starting a new work. Sometimes I'll begin with an idea of a shape or a figure or some sort of scenario. There's a wide variety of subjects in these paintings, from mythological creatures and urban landscapes to legendary and fictional quests. I take that initial idea and start massing shapes of color and respond to their interactions, working on the painting until it develops a character and direction of its own.

My work is about exploring the material qualities of paint. I apply the paint using a variety of tools such as palette knives, scrapers and any bit of scrap material lying about that will leave an interesting mark or can spread the paint. Other times I'll use paint with a very liquid consistency and brush or pour it across the surface. The composition develops by repeating this process over many different sessions until various shapes and figures begin to suggest themselves. I find the work is most interesting when it has the freedom to go anywhere.

I like working in the area between abstraction and representation. This approach creates a tension in the painting as forms that seem resolved can dissipate or seemingly stray marks can coalesce into a figure. The work is open-ended by design, inviting the viewer to actively engage and interpret the image to create their own narrative.

All images and text copyright Mike Sorgatz