Rebecca Wolf
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery and Drawing

Studio Location:
609 Degraw Street
Studio # 3 floor


Artist Bio:
I have worked with: stained glass, paper, basketry, clay - porcelain carving, hand building and wheel work, slipcasting, sculpture contained in the forms of boxes and as small mixed media landscape constructions, watercolors, fine pencil drawing and sand castles.
I have a BFA from Antioch.
I have been in shows in NYC and upstate NY.

Artist Statement:
Some thoughts:
I like the idea that art should be accessible to more people.
I am interested in the way the flat and the dimensional work influence each other.
The etching needle is my favorite tool.
Indigo the best color right now.
An artist makes choices from an inner point, joining to the pieces being worked on.
Anything that will work goes.
Making art is a life line for me. A thread woven together with others to make a strong line.

All images and text copyright Rebecca Wolf