Ariane A. Ahlmann
Medium: Painting and Sculpture

Studio Location:
93 19th Street
Studio # 1


Artist Bio:
Ariane A. Ahlmann is a German-born visual artist of Russian/Armenian and Bulgarian/Italian descent. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Statement:
Ahlmann's work stems from the endless source of our human experience and the challenges that we face in the 21 century. Her work process is guided by the unpredictable which allows Ahlmann to channel fragments of our complex human consciousness. The content of Ahlmann's paintings and sculptures reveals itself at the final stages of each work process. The visual components are symbolically and allegorically charged. Through the arbitrary selection of visual elements Ahlmann distances herself from the coherent narrative. By choosing random fragments of our human condition Ahlmann may provide us with a glimpse of totality.

All images and text copyright Ariane A. Ahlmann