Yumiko Kuga
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
457 Degraw Street
Studio # main floor

Email: ykuga@earthlink.net

Website:: www.yumikokugaceramics.com

Artist Bio:
Yumiko Kuga moved to New York City from Japan originally to pursue her aspirations in fashion. She turned to ceramics after she started taking classes at Greenwich House Pottery. For over thirty years, she continues to strive towards evolving her craft. Yumiko currently works at New Clay Studios.

Artist Statement:
Yumiko Kuga takes inspiration from the idyllic memories of her childhood when she stayed briefly in a remote village nestled in the mountains of Japan. She strives towards creating functional works of art out of clay, to be used in the every day and to bring comfort to those with and around it.

All images and text copyright Yumiko Kuga