Judith Eloise Hooper
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery and Collage

Studio Location:
18 Whitwell Place
Studio # Shapeshifter Lab

Email: jeloisehooper@aol.com

Website:: https://juditheloisehooper.wordpress.com

Artist Bio:
For me art is a journey with each discipline I work in i love that it will lead to a new discovery of something else. Studying fashion design at Pratt Institute I worked as a fashion illustrator for years. Taking classes in writing and book illustration I ended the year with illustrating my first book. Then I discovered clay and that has been my happy medium since 1982 creating functional art and topagraphical landscapes. But my illustration work never left me and volunteering in the psych ward at Methodist hospital opened the road to my paper collage portraits. I exhibit at and manage the BWAC gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

All images and text copyright Judith Eloise Hooper