Emilee Lord
Medium: Drawing and Performance

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 32

Email: lordemilee@gmail.com

Website:: www.emileelord.com

Artist Bio:
Emilee Lord is a visual and performing artist working with language, somatic and experiential movement practice and the seductive nature of the repetitive line. She creates quiet, sparse, and linear works on paper, installations, and multimedia performances. Her current research explores ideas of place or placelessness, solitude, and drawing as a performative act.
Her aesthetic is heavily influenced by her early work in textile design and weaving production as well as the windswept snowbound landscape of her childhood in northern Maine.

She received her BA from Bennington College, in sculpture and dance - 2004 and her MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art - 2007. She has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center, Santa Fe Art Institute, Jentel Artist Residency, and SIM in Reykjavik, Iceland. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally including Santa Fe, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Reykjavik, and Toronto.

Lord has been a visiting artist / professor at Bard College Early High School, Caldwell University, and Pratt Institute of Art.

She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:
I am propelled by the fragile, quiet moments of us. The vulnerable, the gentle, and the exacting. We gesture into the world through repetition and ritual - small precise utterances of action and creation that say "we are here."

My process is analogue / off grid. It is also often word based and list oriented.

I use - paper, charcoal, pencils, pens, dust, gel medium, ink, movement, wind, thread, wire, collected objects like pine needles or grass or broken glasses, spools, thimbles, wood, fabric, rope, water???

I have worked as a weaver most of my life, and through this I tend towards repetition and the multiple; evolving it into an active mark-making - abstraction, action, lines, layers, and the extent to which ritual can become a prayer of the collective unconscious.

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