Rochelle Voyles
Medium: Mixed Media and Fiber

Studio Location:
505 Carroll St
Studio # Suite 2B



Artist Bio:
Rochelle Voyles is a Brooklyn based mixed media artist and sculptor originally from the midwest.

She received a BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute and concentrated her studies in sculpture and artist books. Her studio currently resides in the space adjacent to the BLUE: Tatter Textile Library- an interactive, ongoing art-installation and academic research library, whose collection examines and celebrates the global history, traditions, and makers of textiles.

Artist Statement:
Being the daughter of two avid gardeners, I grew up immersed in the culture of plants. A great deal of my sculptural language stems from this influence.

My current works utilize plants, dirt, wool, felt, and books- synthesizing these earthy materials into forms that explore being financially, emotionally and spiritually tied to a place and the objects that inhabit it.

I like playing in the crossroads of conceptual symbolism and abstraction, seeing where a material's meaning and origin can coalesce to become an otherworldly object. Often my objects
respond to emotional and mental states of being, and are attempts to craft understandings.

All images and text copyright Rochelle Voyles