Beryl Foster-Andres
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
18 Whitwell Place
Studio # Shapeshifter Labs

Phone: 862-755-3353


Artist Bio:
Brooklyn has always been my home and has influenced my work. I split my time here between wheel thrown ceramics social justice work, my two passions.

In my artwork I draw inspiration from the simplicity, fluidity, and calm in nature. I believe that simple shapes and movements can hold more depth than those that are more complex. I strive to create shapes that flow naturally and have a strong yet subtle eternal quality. I also derive influence from the city in it's resilience and vigor.

The beauty in imperfection found both in nature and the city is reflected in my work. My pieces possess balance and harmony. Inspiration is also found in centuries old Korean and Japanese pottery as well as 1950's abstract art and design.

Creating pottery provides balance to my life and to my time spent fighting to reunite families whose children have been wrongfully removed by the state. My goal is for my artwork to bring balance and tranquility to others' lives as well.

All images and text copyright Beryl Foster-Andres