Anne-Marie Lavigne
Medium: Printmaking and Fiber

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks Basement)
Studio # 23

Phone: 7189026988



Artist Bio:
Anne-Marie's work explores the multifaceted condition of reality: what we see depends on how we look at it. For her prints and textile work, she combines seemingly opposite paradigms for unexpected aesthetics to arise and question our assumptions on the objects and space surrounding us.

Anne-Marie is an alumni from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) of NYU Tisch School of Arts where she researched soft circuitry and materials. She was awarded the Ruth Schirson Levin Fellowship for the 2014-2015 artist in residency program at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn for which she also received a Quebec Council for the arts grant. She received the 2016 Artist Legacy Grant by the Women's Studio Workshop and was selected as a Fellow for the Guttenberg Arts 2018 STAR Program. The Canadian Councils for the the Arts awarded her a 2018 Creation Grants to complete a residency at MASS MoCA.

She is currently faculty at the Visible Futures Lab of the School of Visual Arts and she is a Spaceworks Gowanus Grantee. Anne-Marie co-founded Tachi Tachi, a design project creating bold color changing textile designs for home and fashion.

Artist Statement:
Note to Self - Process

1. The work is the reflexion of who you are at a certain moment in time and space.

2. When you try to translate a rational analysis of your state of mind into an artwork, it generates empty and overly slick art.

3. When the creation process is split into two separate phases, self-analysis then creation, it prevents your sensitivity from entering into dialogue with the materials.

4. The process has to be organized in respect to the conditions of the materials. Every time you plan your process thinking of time and space instead of materials, you end up losing time and misusing space.

5. Efficacy and precision depend on your capacity to read and align consciousness to the perfect pace demanded by every gesture's intention.

6. When the execution of every gesture is instinctive, when there is no delay imposed by the rational mind, your body thinks and your thoughts are embodied.

7. Finding the right amount of time for each tasks and breaking them down into repeatable sequences generates a context for a balanced dialogue with the Self and the materials.

8. This structured process is essential for your spontaneity to arise and make genuine artwork possible. Then, the rational self gives way to the expression of the core of who you are.

9. The core of who you are is a combination of your emotional history and the technological framework you evolve in.

10. Technology is a perspective. It is rendered visible through our relationships with the tangible and the tactile.

11. What we see depends on how we look at it. Perception defines reality.

All images and text copyright Anne-Marie Lavigne