Saskia Fleishman
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 8, Trestle 1st FL

Phone: 4107035873



Artist Bio:
Saskia Fleishman b. 1995 graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with a BFA in painting. Fleishman, based in Brooklyn NYC is currently an artist in residence at Trestle Art Space. Recent residencies include: Vermont Studio Center and The Otis Emerging Curator Retreat. Curious about curating other artists work as well as exhibiting her own, Saskia continue to collaborate with peers around the greater New York area. Inquiries about work, studio visits and interviews, please contact Saskia at:

Artist Statement:
This series of paintings, developed through archiving my family's collection of landscape photographs taken from 1995-2018 across North America, serves as a meditation on time, perception, and memory. These images have been either digitally manipulated or composed as color studies to question what is interfering with or obstructing our perception of memory. I use materials such as sand sourced from different locals, in addition to foam, plaster, and clay, in combination with clean edges, smooth gradients, and singular color fields, to push and pull space. The interaction between the viewer, the space, and the physicality of the pieces, work together to challenge the viewer's preconceived perceptions of landscapes, illusions, and memories.

By combining hard-edge paint applications aesthetic with nostalgic seascapes and skies, this body of work searches for new spaces of reflection and reevaluation during this distressing period in American history. These paintings not only redefine our environment by tricking the eye, but also flip our perception of "pure" abstraction by utilizing materiality that appears to fluctuate in the space. Using the language of Op-Art and traditional color theory to depict with landscape imagery, these works challenge preconceived truths and ideas about both abstraction and our perception of our world and our relationship to it.

All images and text copyright Saskia Fleishman