Dale Williams, presented by The Vanderbilt Republic
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About the Organization:
The Vanderbilt Republic ("VR", est. 2008) is a boutique consultancy formed to catalyze advanced creative/production in all modes.

Born in Brooklyn, VR knows archetype expansion & radical humanity to be forces for justice & generative social reform. Through our work with pioneering artists, institutions, producers and brands, the agency offers boutique solutions in immersive creative production, design & direction with advanced projection methodologies.

George Del Barrio is VR's Creative Director x Executive Producer - vanderbiltrepublic.com

What'a on view durring GOS:
The Vanderbilt Republic very proudly invites you to experience "AMERICA NOW SUITE," a new solo exhibition from Brooklyn-based artist Dale Williams. It premieres on Friday October 12, 2018, and will be open to the public until October 21 2018 at Gowanus Loft, a project space dedicated to the conception and production of immersive creative encounters by commission, collaboration, or special arrangement. This will be Mr. Williams's 3rd solo exhibition at the Loft.

This suite of five works, composed of elements designed to retrieve American history and provide, as Williams stated, "a re-mythologizing, a re-visioning of the American past, present, and future." The exhibition's title pays homage to jazz drummer Max Roach's groundbreaking 1960 recording "We Insist! - Freedom Now Suite". That work embodied the urgency of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. AMERICA NOW SUITE reflects on the communal impulse that supports democracy and equality, an ideal that seems to be eroding in the current political climate of intense partisanship, exclusion, and greed. Williams' work insists that the public sphere impacts our individual imaginations, resulting in highly personal relationships to past history and our current predicament.

The exhibition, like Roach's creation, consists of five parts, or themes, and offer a new perspective on American history. They consist of three paintings and two series/drawings: "Awareness Day Portraits", "Edward Hicks' Peaceable Kingdom", "The Spirit of Manifest Humility", "Democratic Vistas - wordscapes", and "A Panoramic Fantasia of American History Centered on the Untimely Death of Robert F. Kennedy". The last is a monumental 11' x 57' mural, which relates to the American past and present and demonstrates the artist's relationship to history. Williams asserts that he wants his art to create a felt connection to history so it can "aid us in rising above our helpless, struggling selves."

A range of influences impacts Williams's paintings: the moral lessons embodied in the works of 17th century engraver Jacques Lagniet, the phantasms and tragic reportage of Goya's Caprichos and Disasters of War respectively, and the mythologizing of Philip Guston's late paintings. These influences reverberate throughout Williams's social surrealist re-visioning here. A political intent is ever-present: "In responses to my work, I've found the mere depiction of a figure in apparent strife is readily interpreted as being a political commentary. This is especially true in a society split by the chasms of race, gender, and class."

With creative direction, curation, and lighting design by George Del Barrio, the exhibition opens at Gowanus Loft (61 9th Street Brooklyn 11215) at 6p on October 12, 2018. Weekend public showings October 13-14 & 20-21 run from 11a-7p. Weekday gallery visits are by special arrangement only. For catalogue information or to schedule a gallery visit, please contact Kate Harvie: kate@vanderbiltrepublic.com.

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