BLUE: Tatter Textile Library
505 Carroll Street, Suite 2B



About the Organization:
Serving as both an interactive, ongoing art-installation as well as an academic research library, BLUE is an ever-growing home to 6,000 books, journals, exhibition catalogs and objects that examine and celebrate the global history, traditions, makers, craft and beauty of textiles.

Open to the public by appointment, BLUE is an immersive reading and learning space. It offers visitors an aesthetic and tactile experience in its carefully chosen hues and textures. Different from traditional libraries, the intense presence of color evokes the complex relationship between humans and cloth. The saturation reminds us not just of the cultural and economic significance of color, but also that textiles permeate all industries and aspects of human life.

BLUE is an exercise in legacy, interweaving the personal collections of three women: Edith Robinson Wyle (1918-1999), founder of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, her granddaughter Jordana Munk Martin, founder of TATTER, and Carol Westfall (1938-2016), renowned fiber artist and professor.

The curated books and objects converse with each other in the space, a material metaphor for the intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogues that captivate, teach and inspire. We seek to preserve, give voice to and contribute to such conversations about textiles and the ways in which they enrich our lives.

What'a on view durring GOS:
BLUE will be open to the public during GOS, allowing all visitors to interact with the stacks and converse with the main Librarian and supporting staff. In the adjacent studio, TATTER, a textile based studio that hosts cloth-centric lectures, classes, and textile artists will also be open.

Meet and converse with Wafa Ghnaim, an American born Palestinian businesswoman, writer and artist who teaches Palestinian Tatreez embroidery at TATTER. She will be signing and selling her newly published book, Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora.

Chelsea Cardinal, a Canadian fashion designer will be showcasing her clothing line, called Cardinal.

Resident visual artists Rochelle Voyles and Catherine Clark will also be in the space, discussing their work.

TATTER'S small retail space will be selling books, textiles, fiber, tools, and the recently published books of Wafa Ghnaim (Tatreez & Tea) and Katrina Rodabaugh (Mending Matters).

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